Free Advertising – What’s the catch ?

Whenever you see free advertising offered there is usually a reason behind it, sometimes good, sometimes bad, these are the things to look out for.

Always carefully read any terms & conditions and Privacy Policies

Be careful that when signing up for free advertising you are not getting a free trial and it isn’t reverted to paid after a set time period if you don’t cancel.

Be aware that after signing up for free advertising you may be constantly pressurised in to upgrading to a paid option.

Be aware that any information you submit may be shared around with other marketing companies resulting in an increase in marketing calls and emails.

Make yourself a target for cold callers and scammers

Be aware that most online advertising facilities are plagued by cold callers, scammers and unscrupulous marketing companies. They may be nothing to do with the company where you place your free ad, but whenever you add your contact details to any popular advertising website you are effectively publishing them for all to see.

The scammers and cold callers take advantage of these sources of contact information and particularly target small start up businesses and sole traders who may be a little naive where internet marketing is concerned.

When is free advertising OK

Newer sites, directories, classified ad types sites, etc. need to look busy and popular to attract paid advertisers. They have to provide free advertising to do this and these are the types of sites to take advantage of. (ensure you read their terms first though)

Newer sites tend to rely a lot on word of mouth, to get a good name they provide no catch free advertising, these are the types of sites to take advantage of. (ensure you read their terms first though)


To sum up, always be careful when using free advertising Always read the terms & conditions, be prepared for sales calls after registering, but don’t rule out free advertising opportunities, there are some real gems out there if you are careful.

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