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Panamedical Consulting
Aberdare, London, SW19 5HP
PANAMEDICAL CONSULTING LTD (UK), a renowned leader in the field of medical consulting and tourism, is happy to announce the launch of the first annual International Medical Tourism Directory 2011. The Directory is a trusted source of useful information on medical and health clinics offering their services to clients around the globe in areas like dentistry, plastic surgery, reproductive medicine, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, cosmetology, and Spa & Wellness among others. The Directory also provides essential information on current most popular medical technologies and wide spectrum of tourist information on countries, currencies, accommodation, transport, regional cuisine and various helpful tips one may need in a foreign country.
reproductive medicine, treatment abroad, plastic surgery, dentistry, medical tourism
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Emergency Medical Care Training Service
Acton, London, W3 8RE
EMCTS is a first-aid and medical care training agency, offering CPR, First-Aid and ambulance/medical training to both the public and professional emergency services personnel.

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Samuel Maynard
Amersham, London, W6 8DA
We provide psychiatric and psychological expert opinions for the legal, social services and insurance industry. Our services include production medico legal reports, psychiatric assessments, psychological evaluations of individuals and couples in family proceedings, personal injury cases, immigration and criminal proceedings.
CAFCASS, expert opinion, psyciatric reports, psychological reports, medico-legal reports
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British Autogas
Barnet, London, EN51AU
London''s only NECAM-Koltec system repairer and specialists London LPG Conversions is a well established and supremely experienced in LPG conversion company. We can undertake system installations in almost any petrol driven vehicle regardless of BHP; ranging from standard 4 cylinders vehicles, to sport cars and even the most powerful turbo charged engines. Our company is the only company in London specialised in repairing NECAM-Koltec dual fuel systems. We also specialise in installing, servicing and repairing OMVL, AC STAG and OSCAR systems. Our workshops are primed with the latest available technology for the installation and diagnostic of various dual fuel systems and all of our work is carried out by experienced and fully qualified technicians to the highest of standards. We also give 2 years warranty for your peace of mind. The only engines that are not suitable for LPG conversions are the ones utilising the newly emerging Direct Injection Technology. These engines have thier nozzels placed within the combustion chamber and rely on the petrol passing through them to keep cool. As a result, running them on gas alone will cause them to overheat certain parts, which could damage the injectors- in such cases the engine would need a head modification. But we will advise you of all options. London 2011 Hot Offer BRC 4 Cylinders vehicle ?1090.00 . 5 Cylinders vehicle ?1390.00 . 6 Cylinders vehicle ?1390.00 . 8 cylinders vehicle ?1550.00 . AC STAG 300 Plus 4 Cylinders vehicle ?820.00 . 5 Cylinders vehicle ?1020.00 . 6 Cylinders vehicle ?1020.00 . 8 cylinders vehicle ?1180.00 . LPG not included (customer will pay for LPG). The above prices will include the following: Latest generation sequantial(injection) LPG system. 2 years warranty unlimited mileage (parts & labour). Largest possible LPG approved Tank. LPGA certificate of confirmity. Full customer s...
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NB Medical Laboratories
Bethnal Green, London, E2 1AA
Ashley Baker is the sole owner of NB Medical Laboratories. He is involved in development of drugs and vaccines and is a PhD holder in Bio-chemistry. NB Medical Laboratories is self-financed and is a freelance outfit. The laboratory has been involved lately in the development of a vaccine for Lassa fever.
NB Medical Laboratory, Ashley Baker
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New Blue Laboratories
Bethnal Green, London, E2 1AA
New Blue Laboratories is an independent laboratory dedicated to drug and vaccine development. It is solely owned and run by Raymond Scholes, a freelance Bio-Chemist. All researches are carried classified. Currently though, Raymond Scholes has been working on developing a vaccine for Lassa fever. Raymond Scholes holds various degrees from various institutions in the United Kingdom.
New Blue Laboratories, Raymond Scholes
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MAJ clinic
Burnley, London, N7 9TP

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Chiswick Medical Centre
Chiswick, London, W4 5HY
We offer convenient private health care in Chiswick.Services are delievered by experienced doctors.We also offer occupational health, travel clinic and G.P services.Our premisis are newly refurbished & inspected by the Healthcare Commission.We are well equipped & can perform ECGs, pulmonary function testing & audiometry on site. Our services include: statutory medicals, independent medical assessments, health surveillance etc. For further information please contact us on our phone number.

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Medical meridian
Croydon, London, WC2N 6EZ
Meridian Medical is a full service provider of Medical Imaging Equipment including Used MRI, Used Mobile MRI, Used CAT Scan, Used Radiology Equipment, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, MRI Rentals, CAT Scan Rentals, and PET/CT Rentals from manufacturers including Hitachi, GE, Philips, Toshiba, and Siemens. Meridian Medical was established in 1994 and is a leader in the worldwide used medical equipment marketplace

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Croydon, London, EC2A 3AY
DrEd is an NHS-regulated online doctor website that provides remote medical consultations and prescriptions. Our experienced, GMC-registered doctors provide medical advice before, during and after consultations via secure electronic patient records. All consultations are handled with great care and discretion to preserve patients’ privacy regarding sensitive health issues. Orders and questionnaires are reviewed within a few hours, after what treatments are dispatched via recorded delivery by our partner Day Lewis Plc – one of the largest pharmacy chains in the UK.
sexual health, online prescription, men''s health, women''s health, online doctor
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Executive & Occupational Medical Centre
Croydon, London, CR0 1HA
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES including pre-employment medicals,sickness/ fit note referrals, PTS and LUL medicals, drug & alcohol screening, offshore medicals, HSE lead / asbestos medicals, health screening and advice. TRAVEL CLINIC providing vaccinations (including Yellow Fever) and malaria control Over 30 years'' professional service
HSE Asbestos & Lead medicals, Travel Clinic, PTS & LUL medicals, Offshore medicals, Occupational Health
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Ealing, London, ub69qq
SERVICE PRODUCTION CAPACITY is around 50% Asking price ?150,000 turnover ?200,000 p.a net profit approx. ?67,200 p.a MONTHLY RENT: ?5550 per month - subject to negotiations 78,69 square meters Address : 147 Ruislip Road UB6 9QQ Greenford London The Surgery was founded in 2006. The Partners have grown the business over the years, and have secured a good market position in the local private healthcare sector. The clinic acquires and retains large number of Polish, English, Russian, Lithuanian customers due to the quality of work that we produce. Well advertised in the media with a recognisable name. Next to the clinic we have a popular Polish shop, a Pharmacy and a Polish accountant ? good potential for new customers and a very good spot for a business to be. Reason for sale: The head doctor / director goes into Retirement SERVICES we/You might provide straight away (All ready, no investment needed): Dentist, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Mesotheraphy, Gynaecologist, ENT -ears nose throat specialist. All consultation rooms can be easily re-purposed (not only medical activities are possible). There is a lady Dental Surgeon renting one consulting room and willing to cooperate, two other consulting rooms are used by the owner of the lease but not frequently. Fully Private ? Dental and Medical Care Centre ? Two waiting rooms ? Three consulting rooms (one dental one gynaecological and one ENT ? ears nose throat) ? Three toilets + Understairs Cupboard + nice corridor ? + TWO DENTAL UNITS serviced by authorised personnel - in excellent condition, + dental unit compressor all connected and fuctional, ? + one XRAY machine + lead fittings inside walls already installed ? + two autoclave machines (used to sterilize tools) - in good condition ? + fittings + furniture + other equipment included ? All in very good condition + two backlit banners - signs in the front ? Purpose built modern unit ? Located on the main road in the centre (shopping parade) of Gr...

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Broadgate Clinics
East Central London, London, EC2M 5TU
Broadgate GP is a private medical clinic in the City of London and offer a prompt and professional services with the convenience of Same day appointments and Walk-in Centre options all discreet and confidential.
complementary therapies, medical consultants, massage therapy, chiropractic physiotherapy, sports injuries
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Private GP in London
Golders Green, London, NW11
Dr Martin Harris is your Family friendly, experienced Private GP in London. Based in Golders Green, Dr Harris offers a range of general medical professional services, consultation, investigation, diagnosis, treatment, referral. Dr Harris can visit you at your home, work or hotel.
treatment, medical report, blood test, referral, consultation
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Harley Street Therapy Centre
Horley, London, W1G 9QD
The Harley Street Therapy Centre offers both conventional medical treatment and a range of alternative and complementary therapies, providing effective help for a wide range of disorders and personal problems.

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Heartbeat Experts
Llwyngwril, London, W6ONB
Heartbeat Experts combines enterprise software, data, analytics and consulting to provide solutions that help Life Sciences and Financial Services firms drastically improve the success of their products. Our solutions, which are deployed globally, help our clients manage key stakeholders and content across the enterprise and are used across marketing, medical affairs, market access and sales teams.
KOL identification, KOL management
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Re:Cognition Health
London, London, 77 Wimpole Street
We are recognised for our award-winning private mental health services, covering neurology, psychology and psychiatry. We treat a range of conditions, including: ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's disease and mild Traumatic Brain Injury. As part of our work as a world-leading memory clinic, we also undertake ongoing Alzheimer's research and trials, with a view to better dementia and memory loss outcomes and, ultimately, an Alzheimer's cure. Our international clinics provide access to new treatments for Alzheimer's disease free of charge.
treatment for alzheimers, private mental health services, medico-legal services, alzheimer's research trials, alzheimer's clinical trials
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The Priory Hospital Roehampton
London, London, SW15 5JJ
Priory Hospital Roehampton is the UK's leading centre for the treatment of a wide range of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress and addictions. Situated in South West London, Roehampton has been in continuous operation since its launch in 1872 as Priory's first hospital site. We are proud to provide world class treatment for all of your mental health concerns and truly live up to our standing as Priory's most renowned hospital.

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Ready2Drive Medical Ltd.
London, London, WA14 1TD
Welcome to Ready2Drive Medical is a leading firm of medical experts offering quality of independent medical examinations, low cost driver medicals for HGV, LGV, PCV, taxi, motorsport, crane and forklift drivers.
Ambulance Driver Medical, HGV Driver medical, LGV Driver Medical, PCV Driver Medical, taxi driver medical
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London Orthopaedic Clinic
London, London, W1G 9RY
London Orthopaedic Clinic provides multi-disciplinary musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment from our expert team. Our outpatients clinic is located within the historic and internationally renowned Harley Street Medical area and our surgeons operate at prestigious hospitals within this enclave of clinical excellence. We offer innovative care options, including surgical and conservative treatment with transparent information and measurable outcomes.
pain treatment, orthopaedic treatment, podiatry, back pain treatment, orthopaedic surgery
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Broadgate GP
London, London, EC2M 5TU
Broadgate GP is a private medical clinic situated in the heart of the City of London. We offer a prompt and professional GP service with the convenience of same day appointments. We are committed to providing our patients with a professional, discreet and confidential GP service. We offer a comprehensive range of GP services from sexual health services (conducted by doctors) to travel vaccines and advice.
private medical clinic london, london gp, travel clinic london, london walk in clinic, london walk in gp
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Linday Medicare Services Ent. Ltd
London, London, SE28 8AN
Linday Medicare Services is fully established to cater for the supply of health and social care staff to numerous health care organizations in the UK. We recruit and retain the most highly qualified and experienced staff and also help staffs in developing their skills to their highest potential.
Nursing and Care Recruitment Agency
See main listing - Linday Medicare Services Ent. Ltd
The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic
London, London, W1G 7LE
A team of highly-qualified specialist consultants. Their dermatology clinic in Harley Street , London offers specialist diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and?skin cancer?in both adults and children. Transparent Fees and Prices are available on-line on their website. Available Saturdays and for Home visits by special arrangements.
Psoriasis, Skin Care, Acne, Eczema, Dermatology
See main listing - The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic
Bacteria Clinic
London, London, W1U 6BE
The Bacteria Clinic London offers tests and treatments/support for mainly gastrointestinal, (but also urinal/gynecological, respiratory, skin, and disseminated) diseases. The gastro-tests/treatments include IBS-related symptoms, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), Food Poisoning, Post Food Poisoning Syndrome (PFPS), Histamine Intolerance and Scombroid Poisoning and Biogenic Amine Intolerance.
Dirk Budka, Infectious Diseases, Gastrointestinal, Bacterial Treatment, Bacteria
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Microbiology and Special Medical Laboratories -MSML
London, London, W1U 6BE
Microbiology and Special Medical Laboratories (MSML) based in Central London. Disease screening tests for chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome carbohydrate and gluten intolerance.
Dirk Budka, Special Medical Laboratories, Heart Man, Disease Screenin Test, Microbiology
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome
London, London, W1U 6BE
DIRK BUDKA visits companies, health centres,libraries, community centres and schools for lectures/talks and workshops. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a benign, chronic disease of altered bowel habits and abdominal pain. It is considered a functional type of bowel disorder and is said to be caused by heavy spasms of the large colon. No organic or structural cause can be detected (using currently available diagnostic modalities) to explain its symptoms. It is the most common functional disorder of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Other disorders in this group include functional dyspepsia, functional anorectal pain, and noncardiac chest pain. The many forms and presentations of IBS can make the diagnosis challenging, and its functional nature can make a satisfactory treatment regimen difficult. IBS is also known as spastic colon, nervous bowel, irritable colon and mucous colitis.
Food Allergies, colonic irritation, hydrotherapy, Chronic Pelvic Pain, irritable bowel
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London, London, London, UK
We are a leading group of experienced surgeons providing adult and children circumcision. Our clinics are based all around London and we also operate a mobile circumcision service in the comfort of your own home. Our surgeons are all GMC registered and licensed to practise and hold a minimum of MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons) and have extensive experience of circumcision procedures. All procedures are performed under local anaesthetic using sterile equipment. Children have the option of having a Plastibell procedure or using the TaraKlamp or even the traditional suture method. Adults are all performed using the suture method. Please contact us on 07909 367 400 to discuss or make a booking. Alternatively we can be email at
Religious ritual, Surgery, Medical Services, Children, Circumcision
See main listing - Circumsurgeons
Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
London, London, W1G6AN
Alasdair Mace is a Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon practising in London. He is fully accredited with the General Medical Council and The Royal College of Surgeons of England. He has a substantive NHS Consultant post at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, practising at both Charing Cross and St Mary''s Hospitals in central London. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. His private practice is based in Harley Street. He provides expert specialist management for all common Ear, Nose and Throat problems. In particular he has a sub-specialist interest in disorders of the throat and voice, lumps in the head and neck, including the salivary glands and thyroid gland, and nasal or sinus problems
Voice, ENT, Tonsil, Sinus, Ear nose throat
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Advanced Laser Clinic
London, London, W1G 7JD
Advanced Laser Clinic is an established clinic in Harley Street, London, providing professional, cosmetic and medical treatments using laser and IPL technology. A wide range of skin conditions can be treated including facial veins, leg veins, birthmarks, scars and acne. Treatments are also available for the removal of hair, moles, and skin tags.
Treatments for birthmarks and vascular lessions, Advanced treatments for facial redness and thread viens, Laser hair removal for men and women, Moles, skin tag and wart removal, Free consultation with a medical consultant
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Microbiology and Special Medical Laboratories - MSML
London, London, W1U 6BE
Microbiology and Special Medical Laboratories (MSML) based in Central London. Disease screening tests for chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome carbohydrate and gluten intolerance. MSML offers special tests for: Gastrointestinal Disease/Disorders Chronic Fatigue Stress Disorders Allergies, Intolerance, Sensitivities
irritable bowel syndrome., medical laboratories central london, disease screening central london, chronic fatigue syndrome, microbiology laboratories central london
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The Shah Clinic
London, London, N6 6LS
Premier podiatry & chiropody care in London. Within luxurious, naturally-lit treatment rooms in the heart of North London, Vas Shah is able to offer an unparalleled level of service to his patients at The Summit in Highgate Village.
foot pain, chiropody, london, foot care, podiatry
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London, London, SW1X 7JN
COSMEDICLIN is a visionary clinic of aesthetic excellence dedicated to providing the ultimate in aesthetic enhancement and has a state of the art diagnostics centre. We offer: - Botulinium Toxin Treatments (for lines and wrinkles, excessive sweating, migraine and tension headaches) - Fillers (Lips, deep nasolabial folds, frown lines, smokers lines, cheek bones etc.) - Breast Enhancements (with safe, CE approved hyaluronic acid) - Laser Hair Removal - Laser Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvination (pigmentation, collagen stimulation, shrink large pores etc.) - MyCells Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments (stimulate your body''s collagen with your own platelets) - Body Contouring (Ultrashape, Laser Lipo Treatments) - Skin Tightening (done via radio-frequency) - Cosmelan (for stubborn pigmentation problems) - Wellness Checks (corporate checks, well-woman, well-man, hormonal analysis, genetic analysis) - Beauty Treatments - Approved Training Centre for Doctors
Breast Enlargements, Laser Hair Removal, Fillers, Fat Treatments, Botox Treatments
See main listing - CosmediClin
Patient Transport2
London, London, se20 8pf
We provide a range of patient transport services, transferring patients to a wide range of non-emergency medical appointments such as admissions to and discharge from hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other medical facilities. Serving London and Home Counties. We are available 24/7 365 days.
Stretcher, Patient Transport Services, Wheelchair Travel, Private Ambulance, Private Ambulance Hire
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London, London, SW91AF
Nurse Specialists - - Cosmetic, non surgical facial line treatments and nurse specialist consultancy. Regulated and Insured. Independent Nurse Prescribers.
PCT, Nurses, Nurse Specialists, Lip Treatment, Consultancy, Botox, Fillers, Dermal fillers, Facial treatments
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Trial Volunteers
London, London, W1G 8HU
Study Volunteers Are you interested in taking part in clinical trials? We are constantly looking for volunteers for our studies. If you are interested in participating in one of our studies and would like more information, please complete the form below and then press ''send'' to send the email. We will contact you with a list of studies that may be suitable. Thank you for your interest! Tel 0207 034 3307 Trial Volunteer in association with Heart Lung Centre - Queen Anne Street Medical Centre 18-22 Queen Anne St, London W1G 8HU (by Harley Street)
medical research , healthy volunteers, asthmatic volunteers, clinical research studies, clinical trials
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Vista Diagnostics
London, London, SE1 8RT
Vista diagnostics provides MRI scans at a convenient location next to Waterloo Station in central London. Scans and reports range from just 200 depending on appointment time selected. MRI scans are used for diagnosing causes of back pain, headaches, sporting and other injuries. For cheap, high quality MRI scans visit Vista Diagnostics!
mri scan, London, Back Pain, Sporting injuries, MRI
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London, London, 05645
Get information and buy acomplia, reductil, xenical, phentermine weight loss pills.

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Hale Clinic Ayurveda
Longniddry, London, W1B 1PF
The Hale Clinic was established in 1987 and officially opened by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in 1988. The Clinic was founded by Teresa Hale whose aim is to combine and integrate the principles of conventional and complementary medicine, on the basis that no one system has the whole answer to every medical problem. Great emphasis is placed on preventative medicine as a way of maintaining good health generally, and after treatment.There are over 60 practitioners based at the Hale Clinic in London. Several are medical physicians and many are multi-disciplinary. Of the complementary medical therapies practiced at the clinic, some are over 3,000 years old and others have developed in the last 50 years. Although they differ considerably in the way they treat illness, they all view the practice of complementary medicine as helping the individual organism achieve its natural harmony and balance, thereby making it much less susceptible to illness and disease.
medical service, clinic
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Henderson Biomedical Ltd
Lower Sydenham, London, SE26 5AZ
Henderson Biomedical is a specialist in servicing Centrifuges, Heatsealers, incubators and all manner of laboratory equipment. Henderson Biomedical have serviced centrifuges and Heatsealers for over 20 years, and are able to service and repair virtually all makes and models of centrifuge. As an ISO9000 approved company, you can be sure your centrifuge will be serviced to manufacturers specification, and all work is traceable. Combined with an experienced service team, both in house and nationwide, the entire UK is covered, we feel, Henderson Biomedical can meet all your needs. As well as servicing centrifuges, incubators heatsealers etc, Henderson Biomedical is also able to supply centrifuges and heatsealers. We can supply all centrifuges from major companies such as MSE, Hettich, Heraeus, Shandon, BEckman, Gerber, Hermle, Hawo, Astrapac, Getinge and many many more. Has your centrifuge broken down? Call us on 0870 609 4097, and ask us for free advice on repairing your centrifuge, heatsealer or incubator, and keeping it serviced. Remember to tell us you saw us in the UK small business Directory.
MSE Hettich and Heraeus centrifuge sales, Heat sealer servicing, Centrifuge service and repair, MSE Hettich and Heraeus centrifuges, Centrifuge servicing
See main listing - Henderson Biomedical Ltd
New Cross Dental Practice
New Cross, London, SE14 6QD
We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, affordable dental care to our patients in a friendly environment. Our professional and caring team are dedicated to making your time with us pleasant and enjoyable. Dentistry is constantly evolving, therefore all our dentists and nurses attend courses on a regular basis to ensure you receive the most up-to-date dental treatment possible. As you would expect from a family practice we offer a wide range of treatments from basic fillings and extractions to complex surgical and cosmetic procedures such as implants and veneers.
General and cosmetic dentistry, Emergency appointment, Late evenings and Saturday appointments, Fillings, crowns, dentures, extractions, NHS dentist
See main listing - New Cross Dental Practice
Convenience Medical
Oxford, London, WC1H 9BB is an online Pharmacy and walk-in Clinic in UK, We only employ experienced and professional doctors, and our clinics are open at times that suit your busy schedule. Simply walk in and see a doctor. No appointments, no fuss. We value your time as much as you do. We offer a spectrum of services from a simple consultation for common medical problems to specialised targeted risk assessments and management. Of course if we can''t help, you don''t pay a penny. We sell Viagra, Cialis, propecia, Xenical, reductil, slimming pills, slimming tablets, contraceptive pills, malaria tablets and Champix
champix, Hair Loss treatments, propecia, weight loss pills, online pharmacy
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Putney Therapy
Putney, London, SW15 1BB
Dr. Michael Eko is a chartered counselling psychologist. He has worked in specialist services for Berkshire Mental Health NHS foundation trust, a community mental health recovery service for Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and in a specialist chronic pain service for Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust. He has also worked in different NHS psychotherapy departments. He offers a compassionate, creative, evidence-based psychological therapy for those with mental, emotional, behavioural & spiritual challenges. He runs clinics and sessions from his Putney clinic, in central London and throughout Surrey.
clinical psychologist putney, cbt therapy putney, cbt counselling putney, psychologist putney, chartered counselling psychologist
See main listing - Putney Therapy
RXLive Pharmacy
Wallington, London, SM6 9RU
RXLive is a NHS regulated pharmacy that can be accessed via the app or website. The platform allows users to request prescriptions with the click of a button that they will receive to their chosen delivery address the following day. As next-day delivery is free, it really is a win-win for consumers as they can save time at no additional cost. RXLive believe that healthcare should evolve through innovative technology and are dedicated to making your life easier, therefore they have developed the UK's first pharmacist to patient video-call service and medicine sales within an app. Given our increasingly busy lifestyles, making time to see the GP or managing repeat prescriptions has become very difficult. In addition to making their customer's lives easier, RXLive alleviate some of the burden on the NHS by offering free consultation services. To sign-up, visit the RXLive website (, download the app (on the iOS or Google Play store) or call them directly on 0208 395 8629.
Medical, Over the counter medicine, Medicine , App , Pharmacy
See main listing - RXLive Pharmacy
Az Hakeem Transgender
West London, London, W1G 9PF
Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist'' in Private Practice and to the Media and within the NHS.
Dr Az Hakeem, Az Hakeem Transgender, Dr Az Hakeem Transgender, az hakeem
See main listing - Az Hakeem Transgender
London Allergy & Immunology Centre
West London, London, W1G 9PP
London Allergy and Immunology Centre provides accredited specialist expertise in all areas of allergy and dermatology including food allergies, nut allergies, rhinitis (hay fever), asthma, drug allergy, latex allergy, wasp and bee venom allergy, urticaria (hives), angioedema (swelling) and eczema, general anaesthetic allergy.

Our consultants in Adult and Paediatric Allergy and Immunology, Dermatology are experts in allergy testing, drug challenges, food challenges and immunotherapy (desensitisation).

We post on Facebook regular allergy news and other information for allergy sufferers and health professionals
hayfever, allergy clinic, allergy consultation, immunotherapy, allergy london
See main listing - London Allergy & Immunology Centre
Dr. Mark S. Bonar - Private Harley Street GP
West London, London, W1G9PF
Private GP practice situated on prestigious Harley Street in Central London and offering clients a full range of professional medical and cosmetic services.
Private Medical Clinic, Private Cosmetic Clinic, Private Doctor London
See main listing - Dr. Mark S. Bonar - Private Harley Street GP
Ultrasound Medic
Abbey Wood, London, W1G8QJ
Our private scanning Clinic is conveniently situated at 73 Harley Street, close to Oxford Street and central London transport links . Experienced and highly skilled team at the Clinic offers wide range of private ultrasound services such as 4D baby scans and pregnancy scans, including early pregnancy scans, gender scans and fertility scans in central London. The Clinic also offers Well woman and Well man scans including abdominal organs scans, prostate or ovarian cancer screening scans.
pregnancy scans, 4d baby scans, private scans, private baby scans, private scans in London
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