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Local Locksmith Advertising

I will probably be creating more niche directories in 2021 and are currently thinking about which categories to create them for.

I created a tradesmen advertising section on UK Small Business Directory some years back which also had a tradesmen directory section on it, but this got neglected and I haven’t done anything with it in a number of years.

It currently has a Locksmiths Directory but the problem is I get so many Digital agencies, call centres setting up fake listings which are designed to imply they are a local locksmith where as in effect they are just a call centre who then sells the enquiry to the highest bidder

Talking to a local locksmith about this, he said the locksmiths lose out as the call centres demand virtually half of what the job is worth and the customer loses out because the locksmith has to bump up the price to cover the cost of the lead.

Worse than that though he says, is the fact just about anyone can call themselves a locksmith and the call centres have very few qualms about who they send leads to.

It also creates confusion as the end customer doesn’t really know who their contract is with and if anything goes wrong who they have recourse with. The call centres accept no responsibility and the guy who actually did the job could now be very hard to find.

With this in mind I’ve decided if I do updated or create a new Locksmiths Directory it will be predominantly aimed for local locksmith to advertise in.

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